new modem

hello guys .
finally, I have an internet connection in my house !
so happy to hear that . it means that I can update this blog every day ! every time I want !
huahahaha .
It needs a long time to setting the internet connection. at the first time I was so excited with my new AHA *my internet's provider* and I dont read the instruction clearly . I just put the sim card on my modem , and hope that it will works. but , it was wrong ! arghhhhhhh . I must setting the username and password . I dont know what's the password . wth with that .
coz I dont read the instuction clearly , I dont know what the password is .
and after I read it clearly , the password is written on the back side . so I can connect with the internet easily . *so stupid, huh*

and now , I will link all of you who write in my chatbox .

I have a tons of photos , but I can upload it now . I'm so hungry . now I'm waiting my friends to pick me up and go to McD.
I want to eat McD SOOOO BADDDLYYYYYYY !!!!
gonna catch you soon guys .
see you latter !