hey guys ! long time no see . hahaha :)
miss u all , guys !

my BIG reason for question : why you don't write in this blog for long time ?
the answer is : i was very busy searching a boarding house for me next august.
hehe XP
it's a good reason , right ?

but , actually i was so lazy to write something here .
because on 10-17th december : i got my exam . it was hard to study . i was very lazy to study . but at the end of time , i remember , at physic test , my BF said that i must study . not just for me , but for him too .
at least , it makes me spirit again to study . but , i told you , he said that in the end of test . hiks .
i think it's not help too much . hihi XP
anyway , thanks for your support :)

on december until march i will very busy for my yearbook's project .
in my school , when we are in 12 grade , we must make a book . and that's like memorial book for my generation . i really enjoy it , until someone who's think her dominated was moved by me , said something bad behind me . then i think , uh-oh , i must stand back up a while . so she can do what she wants .

another day , i with my class take some photos for our yearbook .
this isn't the primary one . i can't upload the primary one here , coz all my friends want to make a surpraise for our pages in yearbook . well , our theme is CULINARY :)

photo kelas 2:)

photo kelas 2

can you see the happiness at that time ?

at this holiday , i and my family are deciding not to go anywhere .
DAMN ! it's very boring at my home . usually , i just watching tv , reading novels , and editing some photos for my friend's sweet 17th party .

i think , you will say that i'm so silly . why i just don't go somewhere with someone else .
yeah , i also think about going to mall with my friends , BF , or someone .
but , do you know what my mother said to me last monday ?
DON'T GO ANYWHERE ! you must think it was strange or something like that .
okay , i told you . i'm the only child in my family . and unfortunetly i'm a girl . so , my parents are sooooooo protective to me !!!!!!!!!!!!
maybe they think , when i'm hang out , anyone can kidnapped me .
(uh oh . a silly reason , right ? are they think i'm a superstar' s child ? gyahaha XP)

oh yeah , i have something to share with you .
on december , 18th , my mom was shared some food for vagrants . i think there is no much vagrants in my town , but totally i was wrong !
i count there are around 70-80 vagrants in one area !! can you imagine that ?
uh nooo . i lost my camera's cable data ! i can't upload the photos .
hiks . i think i will upload it when my dad come home. i think he has a card reader . so i can borrow it .


melangkah maju ke depan .

waktu aku mundurin mobil , aku ngerasa , mobil yang aku kendarain miring .
walaupun sudah nyetir mobil selama 3 tahun , aku ngerasa tetep engga canggih kalo bagian mundur .
entah kenapa aku ngerasa kurang PD kalo disuruh mundur . entah miring , entah menabrak apa pun itu , dan sebagainya .

sejak saat itu aku pun berpikir . mungkin aku memang engga canggih nyetir mundur .
kenapa ? karena aku tidak terpaku pada masa laluku . aku tidak selalu melihat masa laluku .
karena masa lalu ya masa lalu . aku hidup di masa sekarang . terus maju untuk meraih apa yang ada dihadapanku , tidak perduli masa lalu , karena masa lalu hanyalah spion untuk membantuku terus melaju lurus ke depan .