a random story

hey , I'm here now . yeah , surabaya . the capital city of east java . it's hot at here . so hot . you can melting if you dont use AC or fan . hahaha .

and then , I will post a random story . one of my last day in Malang with my best friends . we just walking around and take so much photos . but , I dont have time to upload it all . so , this post will be devide to 2 or 3 post . I dont have much time to edit the photos . haha . well , it 'coz of my new home .
I must prepare everything , packing my things . a lot of things of course . my parents drove fitty*my car* , then left fitty here . they go back to Malang with my father's or mom's panther . pak sony will be here at 9.00 AM . the panther is full with my things too . oh yeah , don't forget with the pick up car . my parents also rent a pick up to pick my things too . haha . too much things to bring here . haha .

so , here it's . this photos are taken in different places . I will write the caption under the photo .

at TUGU , a monument in Malang

at toko OEN

EDWARD with my polaroid photo at toko OEN

ME and EDWARD in front of toko OEN's classic door


ME , LAURENT , and EDWARD at bird market

the classic door of toko OEN

EDWARD eating his 'es campur'


photoshoot (:
wait for the second post

my last post

hello guys , long time no see . no posting at all . haha , i just get bored sometime and I was so
lazy to post in my blog . It's because of you , twitter . hahahaha . yeah , I was addicted to tweet .
I tweet to much now . my tweet is around 4,500 tweets ! can you imagine that ? haha .

well yeah , too much random stories . STORIES , not just a story . but too much stories to tell , so
I kinda bit lazy to post it . my daddy always bring the modem to his office , so I can't post from
notebook . hiks . He tell me that I can use my own BB to browsing , so he always bring the
modem . hh .

actually , this is my LAST post when I'm in Malang . I will move to Surabaya !!!! haha , I don't
want to go to college in Malang . so , the nearest city from Malang is Surabaya . my mommy
choose ciputra instead petra . I don't know why , but I think my mommy fall in love with ciputra's
presentation . In ciputra we will learn about entrepreneurship . that's why my mommy loves
ciputra . well , I don't argue that . coz , I will study Visual Communication Desain ! hell yeah ,
finally . I have waiting for a long time to do this . hahahaags .

I'm kinda bit busy for OSPEK's things . they need a pair of yellow shoe lace for girl , the most ugly
photo *well , I must do that to* , a circle impraboard for name , nim , and the ugly photo . then a
bottle which is must containt 600 ml of water ! I think if I can't get the bottle , I just write on
the bottle : 600 ml . haha , I know that's cheating , but when in college you must get creative ,
so I will do that (: then I must have 100 pieces of name's cards . uugh . but , everything is done
except the rain coat . ohh , don't forget the bag . made from the rice sack ! o o , my mommy ask
her subordinates to sew it . heehee . so everything is done except the rain coat .

finally the question is : am I ready to move on ? am I ready to leave my hometown and move to a
hectic city ?
I have no relative there , I just have some friends from the school . and I just have my lovely
maid . Am I ready to live without my parents ?
and the answer must be , YES , I'm READY !!
there's no other words to say , just fight with it .
so , wish me luck at Surabaya (: