romantic one !

When I first saw you
I close my eyes
When the flashback starts
I’m sitting there hopelessly
Just when I feel everything is going to end
Your angelic face showed before me…
Cheering me up with your charming smile
If only I can
I want to see it again…
I want to see you again…

You’re my angel
My only angel
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You never know dear
How much I love you
Since nothing in this world
Can measure my love
You’re my everything…

Even if the world betrays me
One thing for sure is that
My love for you
Will never betray anyone
Is this love genuine?
You’ll never know it
Not until you feel it yourself
Close your eyes
Forget what others said
Just feel it with…..
your own hearts…

I’m sorry, sorry, sorry
I’m sorry if I hurt you
I just wanted the best for you
Forgive me, forgive me
Give me another chance
Only then
I’ll show you that
Love can change everything!
Wil you give me a chance?

I just want to say;

KEVIN wants to tell his someone special this poem . but he thinks that the girl doesn't know what the meaning of this poem . LOL !

dear kevin , i love the bottom part !!
good luck .